What is the Black Bag Award?

The Inaugural Black Bag award will provide 6 young black artists from St. Louis & East St. Louis with direct funding in the amount of $500. Artists will be selected in 3 categories, 11-14 and Under, Age 15-18, and 19-23. Two artists per age group will be awarded.  Artists 12 and under will be supervised on an art supply shopping spree with Damon and Basil. Artists 13-17 will get $250 cash and the other $250 in a guided art supply mission. The older artists 18-22 will get $500 unrestricted cash. At the end of the summer we want to see what you made and hear about your experience.

How to Enter to Win

Show us your 5 best works of art: We want to see work that you made on your own that was not a part of a class or assignment. We are interested in your raw talent and how you express it and invest in it on your own. These can be any form of visual art. Let us see your passion.

Tell us about yourself : We are doing this prize to get to know young black artists in St. Louis and build a network for growth and support that was not there for us at this primal stage in our development as creators of culture and cultivators of consciousness.

Submit: In 500 words or less tell us about your understanding of who you are. What are you passionate about? What motivates you? What makes you feel alive? Why do you make art? What can your art offer the world?

Portfolio Requirements

Upload 5 images into a google drive document and provide the following information: Date ( When was the piece made) Size (What size is the piece in inches or feet) Materials (List what was used to make the artwork) up to 50 words about the art work. Save this document as a PDF with your written statements included at the top.


List the names of 2 people that we have permission to contact and ask about you. Pick people that you believe have your best interest at heart and that have experience with your artwork.  Please list their Name, Email Address, and Phone number


Submit Final Document to info.blackbagaward@gmail.com by Midnight, April 6th 2019. ** Once Submitted Revisions are NOT allowed**

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